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Rotomolded Water Tank  
Product detail:


1.       OEM and ODM services provided

2.       Rotomold Type: Aluminum Casting; Aluminum Sheet

3.       Plastic Material: LLDPE, Anti-UV,Food-grade

4.       What is rotomolding, rotational molding or rotomolded?

It is a specialized molding process for manufacturing one-piece hollow item. Such as scrubber shell, water tank, oil tank, military case, kayak, tool boxes, traffic barrier, playground equipment, rotomold furniture and so on.

5.       The advantage of rotomolding product?

Compared with Injection and Blowing mold, the mold cost is much lower.

And the plastic goods is much stronger than other two molds’ product.

It can allow you to produce some goods, which has vary surfaces.

But it also has limitations, that is the daily production of one mold is limited.

6.       So If You Have Any Problem On Both Rotomolds Or Plastic Goods, Please Feel Free To Contact Me.

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